Committee Members

Abz Crossley – Chair

Chair’s Report

Having taken up the role of Co-Chair towards the end of the last school year I firstly would like to extend my thanks to the outgoing Chair, Tina Jones.

Our goal at FoTFS is to work as a charitable organisation, fundraising and accessing support where applicable for Trinity First School. We have had an incredible year of fundraising which has seen the new Trim Trail being installed, hosting incredibly successful school discos, three school fairs and our amazing Colour Run. This is on top of numerous Ice Lolly, Cake and Uniform sales.

It was really lovely to be able to provide refreshments to the parents of our incoming reception children on information evening and to our fabulously talented children and their audience at our Musical Showcase. I also feel that our community links have grown through our charity coffee mornings and I hope that this is something we can continue to build upon.

Our objective last year of fundraising to ensure that we had equipment and systems in place has been successful and achieved but I would like to improve our links and engagement with the staff whether that be through attendance in meetings or via email. Class reps are also on my To-do list.

I am beyond proud of how hard we have worked considering the size of our team and this is well reflected in our current bank balance which we look forward to putting to good use. I am however keen to look to the future of the committee itself. We are a brilliant group but I am very aware that due to our size, there is the potential for one of us to get burnt out. I would therefore like to look at ways of increasing our outreach to parents etc and encouraging active members of FoTFS.

On that note I would like to say a big thank you to the committee members for their continued hard work and wish Hayley the best for her forthcoming Maternity leave. I would also like to thank Mrs Seager and the wider teaching body for their continued support of our efforts and their open-mindedness to our ideas, and to the office staff for kindly distributing our messages and dealing with things on our behalf.

Finally I would like to thank the local businesses that have offered sponsorship or support to our events and to the wider school community for attending events making all our hard work worth the time and effort.

Hayley Sandquest – Committee Member

Lisa Young – Treasurer


Sam Crook – Secretary

Penny Wilson – Social Media & Vice Secretary

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